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Self-Paced: Grade 3 Whole Numbers & Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers.

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The Grade 3 Singapore Mathematics course on Whole Numbers Addition and Subtraction is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of addition and subtraction operations involving whole numbers. This course is specifically tailored to meet the needs of third-grade students, aiming to develop their computational skills, critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving strategies.

The course begins by reinforcing the understanding of place value, enabling students to comprehend the significance of digits in a number and their respective positions. 

Furthermore, the course incorporates real-life contexts and practical examples to connect mathematical concepts to students' everyday experiences. By solving word problems and engaging in problem-solving tasks, students will develop critical thinking skills and apply their mathematical knowledge to solve real-world situations. This approach encourages students to think critically, analyze problems, and make informed decisions while solving addition and subtraction problems.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of numbers and counting, including addition and subtraction of triple-digit numbers.

Singapore Mathematics Curriculum:

Math in Focus: Chapters 1/2/3/4/5/
Math in Focus 2020: Chapters 1/2/3
Primary Mathematics US Ed.: Chapters 1/2
Dimensions Math: Chapter 1/2/3/

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