Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions For Live Classes.

​What tools/ materials would I need?

We recommend using either a graphic tablet or a pen mouse for smooth and fast handwriting. For younger children, you can also use a dry erase lapboard. 

How many students do you have in your classes on average?

Our class size ranges from 2 to 10 students for live classes. 

What if my child is already using a Singapore Math curriculum in school? 

If your child is already using the Singapore Math curriculum in school, our classes can serve to reinforce what your child has learned in school and challenge your child further.

The class book we use for our Grade 1 to 6 school year class is imported from Singapore. 

We use Math in Focus Grade 7 & 8 for our Grade 7 and 8 class. 

Check out the specific class/course description for more information on class materials. 

What if my child misses a class?

Classes are recorded so you can view them at a later time at your convenience. 

How do I stop payments and withdraw from the class?

If you would like to stop payments on your payment plan and withdraw from the class, you can do so from inside your account. 

My child is not a student in the US. Can I join?

You may contact us for an assessment so we can see which class best suits your child. Because different countries differ in their curriculum, we would need to determine best placement for your child. 

We have had students join our small group classes and 1-to-1 tutoring from over 8 different countries. 
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