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Self-Paced: Grade 4 Decimals. 

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The Singapore Math Grade 4 Decimals course is designed to enhance students' understanding and proficiency in working with decimal numbers. This course builds upon the foundational knowledge and skills developed in previous grades, focusing on developing a deep understanding of decimal place value, performing operations with decimals, and applying decimal concepts to real-life problem-solving situations.

Prerequisites: Students enrolling in the Singapore Math Grade 4 Decimals course should have a solid understanding of basic mathematical concepts, including place value and the four operations. It is recommended for students to have completed the Grade 3 Singapore Math curriculum or have an equivalent level of mathematical knowledge.

Singapore Mathematics Curriculum:

Math in Focus: Chapter 7/8
Math in Focus 2020: Chapter 4
Primary Mathematics US Ed.: Chapter 8/9
Dimensions Math: Chapter 12/13/14

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