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Self-Paced: Grade 5 Algebra. 

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The Singapore Math Grade 5 Algebra course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of algebra and equip them with the skills to solve algebraic expressions, equations, and word problems. 

Course Objectives:

Understand the concept of variables: Students will learn the concept of variables and how they are used to represent unknown numbers in algebraic expressions. They will develop the ability to translate word problems into algebraic equations and use variables to solve for unknown quantities.

Simplify algebraic expressions: The course will focus on simplifying algebraic expressions by combining like terms, using the distributive property, and applying order of operations. 

Evaluate algebraic expressions:
Students will learn to substitute given values into algebraic expressions and evaluate the expressions to find their numerical values. They will develop computational skills and strengthen their understanding of the relationship between variables and numbers.

Solve inequalities and equations:
The course will cover the basics of solving inequalities and equations, including linear equations with one variable. 

Apply algebraic reasoning to word problems: Students will engage in a variety of word problems that require the application of algebraic reasoning. They will learn to identify key information, set up equations or inequalities, and solve for the unknowns. This will enable them to apply their algebraic skills to real-world situations and strengthen their problem-solving abilities.

Singapore Mathematics Curriculum:

Math in Focus: Chapter 5
Math in Focus 2020: –
Primary Mathematics US Ed.: –
Primary Mathematics Standards Edition: Chapter 13
Dimensions Math: –

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