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Grade 6 Singapore Math (16 weeks)

Strong Problem-Solving Skills

Mastery of Concepts

Concrete and Visual Learning 

Grade 6 Singapore Math is a comprehensive math course designed to introduce young learners to the fundamental concepts and skills of mathematics. This course focuses on building a strong foundation in math by teaching students to develop problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and critical thinking abilities.

Throughout the course, students will explore various mathematical topics. They will learn to solve math problems using a variety of techniques, including bar-modeling, and other problem-solving strategies.

In addition to developing math skills, students will also develop important life skills, such as perseverance, confidence, and resilience. They will be encouraged to work independently, as well as collaborate with others to solve math problems.

Overall, Grade 6 Singapore Math is an engaging and challenging course that provides students with a strong foundation in math and prepares them for future academic success.

What to Expect!

  • 16 Live Classes (Mondays at 5:30 - 7:00 PM Central Time)
    (1hr 30 min/lesson)
  • 1 Class Book With Over 500 Questions and Worked Answers Mailed To You (August).
  • 2 Review Exams
  • Recorded Lesson Videos 
  • Pre and Post Course Assessment

Become Problem Solvers and Critical Thinkers.

Our curriculum encourages students think critically and to understand how math concepts can be applied to real-world problems. This helps students develop analytical skills that can be applied to other subjects and in everyday life.

Increased Motivation & Performance

We strive to encourage independent learning and help students develop self-confidence in their math abilities. This can lead to improved academic performance and a positive attitude towards learning.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Ms. Kirsten

Ms. Kirsten was a former teacher in two elementary schools in Singapore and has taught mathematics for almost 10 years. Kirsten believes that with proper guidance, students can excel in mathematics and would love to help students reach their potential. Kirsten resides in Hawaii and loves traveling.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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